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Lee family: 'We live with pain created by this monster'

Our world changed beyond all recognition on the afternoon of March 29, when our beloved Kevin had his life cruelly taken from him.

Joanne Dennehy will now spend the rest of her life in prison for the murder of three men and the attempted murder of two others.

We feel Joanne Dennehy brain washed Kevin, causing him to make a bad decision, and he has paid for that with his life.

Kevin was a dedicated family man and he would do anything for anyone. Even though sometimes it could be a struggle, his positive attitude helped him to always see the bright side of life.

He lived for his family, especially his children Chiara and Dino.

He has been robbed of watching them become young adults and they too, have lost something which can never be replaced.

Kevin was dedicated to Dino's karting ambitions, spending all his spare time traveling up and down the country, to help Dino develop the talent that to this day continues to grow.

Dino's journey will be a poorer one without his father at his side, giving the guidance and support that only a father can give to his son.

We miss him more with each day that passes and although a sentence has now been passed, we will live with the legacy of the actions of Joanne Dennehy, and we may never have the true answer as to why Kevin had his life ended in such an abhorrent way.

The support we have had throughout this nightmare has been overwhelming and we are eternally grateful to all of you. We also wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of all those affected by these despicable acts of evil.

Today (Friday 28 February) we feel that justice has been served upon these individuals, but each day we live with the pain created by this monster Joanne Dennehy and her accomplices, but unfortunately no amount of justice will ever bring Kevin back.

– Darren Cray, Cristina Lee's brother-in-law on behalf of the Lee family.

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