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Residents win battle to get road resurfaced

Gladstone Road, Northampton Photo: ITV News Anglia

People living on one Northampton street have won a three year battle for their road to be resurfaced, because the current one makes too much noise.

Residents of Gladstone Road near the town centre say the rumbling sound of traffic over the block paving, put in three years ago to slow cars down, has stopped them from getting to sleep.

Now Northamptonshire County Council have said that they will resurface the road.

Joe Copul and his wife Chris live right by the road. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Council put the paving down in 2011, as part of a £2 million road-improvement project. Tests have now shown that it is not having the desired effect of getting cars to stick to the 20mph speed limit, so the Council say that they will change the surface back to tarmac in order to reduce the noise.

The work is due to begin in May.

Local resident Joe Copus says he is elated that the Council is going to fix it.

I just can't believe it, you know a sigh of relief. I just cannot explain how I feel inside, you know it's like some sort of miracle has happened.

– Local resident Joe Copus