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Newborn baby revived after 23 minutes not breathing

Beatrix Richards didn't breathe for 23 minutes when she was born. Photo: ITV News Anglia

A newborn baby girl has been "brought back to life" thanks to a consultant's decision to have one more go at reviving her.

Beatrix Richards, from Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire, was not breathing when she was born, and hospital guidelines state resuscitation should stop after 20 minutes.

But the doctor treating Beatrix at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex was reminded of his own daughter and decided he just couldn't give up. Three minutes later she started breathing. She's now recovering at home with her parents and sister

Beatrix with her mother Charlotte Credit: ITV News Anglia

Beatrix suffered from perinatal asphyxia when she was born, meaning she'd been deprived of oxygen after a placental bleed.

It was four hours before Lloyd and Charlotte Richards could see their daughter for the first time.

They were told to take as many photos as possible in case she didn't pull through.

Beatrix's father Lloyd Richards said: "We didn't realise how lucky we were - the odds were stacked against her from the off. Miraculously she's pulled through."

Beatrix was born at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex Credit: ITV News Anglia

Dr Vikas Satwik was the consultant who made the decision to continue resuscitation.

"I just felt that what would I do if I were in this situation and this was my child. That was what was going through my head so we just gave it one last try. I think it's a fine line for us to make a decision and it's a fine line between life and death."

– Dr Vikas Satwik, Paediatrician, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Beatrix's mother Charlotte Richards said: "The whole way through I refused to believe anything bad was going to happen."

Beatrix was then transferred to London's St Thomas' Hospital where she was wrapped in a cooling blanket for 72 hours.

It circulated water around her body and brought down her core temperature to reduce the risk of brain damage.

At four days old she was held by her parents for the first time.

Beatrix is now now back at home with her big sister Credit: ITV News Anglia

Now 8 weeks old, Beatrix is settling into her new home in Bishop's Stortford in Essex. She still has a tiny bleed on her brain, caused by the lack of oxygen when she was born.

There long-term implications, which are unknown, but the outlook is very good.

The family are now fundraising for both the Princess Alexandra Hospital and St Thomas's. They say it's the least they can do for the people who saved Beatrix's life.

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