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Teenager denies being a look-out during grandfather's killing

One of the four teenagers accused of murdering a Bedfordshire grandfather in his own home has told a court he was in the area at the time - but has denied the killing had anything to do with him.

Sharif Demirsay, 65, was stabbed to death at the bungalow he shared with his partner on Vineyard Way in Kempston in May last year.

Today, the defence case opened in the trial of four teenagers at Luton Crown Court.

Travis Dixon Charles, 18, is the first defendant to be called to give evidence.

The Crown’s case is that he helped to organise the burglary and acted as a 'look-out', staying outside while it was taking place.

He deniee any involvement. Answering questions from his defence barrister, Sam Stein QC, he said he regularly visited Vineyard Way because he knew quite a few people who lived there.

He told the court he was in the area on the night of Mr Demirsay’s death because he was visiting a friend's house.

He said he knew there was going to be a burglary, which he described as a ‘move’, and admitted he wanted to see what was going on.

He said: “I was being nosy… I wanted to see this happening.”

“Did you see anything happen?” his barrister later asked.

"No,” he replied, adding: “I decided to go. I didn’t want to wait around in the rain.”

Travis Dixon Charles described seeing the other defendants hanging around near Vineyard Way but said he did not stay with them.

He said one of them had previously tried to get him to take part in the burglary, but he did not want to get involved.

In cross-examination, he was accused of telling the court "a pack of lies".

Travis Dixon Charles and the three other defendants all deny murder. The case continues.