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Walking with the Wounded adventurer visits Suffolk school

Duncan Slater talks to pupils about his adventure to the South Pole. Photo: ITV News Anglia.

An injured former serviceman who conquered the South Pole with Prince Harry has visited a school in Suffolk to tell its pupils all about his adventure.

Duncan Slater, who has two prosthetic legs, hopes his tales of freezing temperatures, challenging terrain, "snoticles" and snow toilets will inspire hundreds of youngsters.

Mr Slater, who lives in Scole, near Norfolk, was part of the British team which won the Walking with the Wounded South Pole challenge last December.

It involved three teams of wounded servicemen and women from the UK, US and Commonwealth racing 200 kilometres across three degrees to the geographic South Pole.

During his visit to Old School in Henstead, near Lowestoft, Mr Slater said: "The single most enjoyable thing to come out of it is going round the different schools and telling people what we did.

"It's the questions, to be honest with you, they're brilliant."

Duncan Slater. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Among the pupils listening to Mr Slater's stories were May Drinkell and Nicholas Saunders.

Nicholas said the adventurer had done "amazingly" on the trek and "coped really well with the weather" while May said she learned a lot from Mr Slater's visit.

"I learnt that when you go to the South Pole, it's very cold and whenever he gets any liquids out it begins to freeze and it gets really uncomfortable for him on his shirts if it gets frozen."

– May Drinkell, pupil.
May Drinkell and Nicholas Saunders. Credit: ITV News Anglia.