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2,000 Elvis Presley records go on sale in Suffolk

Bill Wood with some records from his Elvis collection. Photo:

Hundreds of Elvis Presley records are going on sale at an auction house in Bury St Edmunds on Friday. The 2,000 records include rare first pressings and every Elvis single ever produced.

They are being sold by retired teacher Bill Wood who started the collection back in 1956. He got hooked as a boy of five when he first heard Heartbreak Hotel.

Many of the records have never been opened.

'It appealed very strongly to people who were around me who were older and I thought this is nice, this is interesting. This is really good."

– Bill Wood, Record collector

Now his entire collection of about 2,000 records is about to be auctioned off. Many are in mint condition and really rare.

Mr Wood used to teach A-level geography at Stowupland High School in Suffolk. He's selling up because it's now or never!

'You get to a stage in life where I am about to retire now and I want to move on to other things with my wife and family and there's probably people out there with very substantial collections who are missing certain key records from those collections - well I am confident that they'll be able to find the missing ones out of what we have here."

– Bill Wood, Record collector

So does Bill have a favourite Elvis song. Of course he does. "I think my favourite Elvis record is probably his Latest Flame and that was from October 1961 simply because that the overall sound of it.. the fullness of the voice.. the melodic quality of the voice."

Viewing is from March 20th at Lacy Scott & Knight Auctioneers in Bury St Edmunds. The sale is on on friday march 21st.

Natalie Gray reports.