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Who has complained about the big bad wolf?

The big bad wolf, and police officers, visited residents in Babergh last week to highlight the dangers of leaving outbuildings insecure. Photo: Suffolk Police

Suffolk Police has defended it's controversial security campaign, which uses a man dressed as a wolf to break into cars, homes and sheds.

Badsey the Wolf has recently been photographed in Babergh, Lavenham and Long Melford, posing with items that have been left insucure by their owners.

Some people have complained on the force's Facebook page, that resources should be spent on extra patrols, not publicity stunts.

The big bad wolf has been the subject of some complaints on the forces Facebook page. Credit: Suffolk Police

"The idea for us is to reinforce the security message. We can deliver leaflets and give the security packs, but unfortunately some people still miss the point and don't take that advice. The idea of the wolf was to highlight that to reinforce that message, to give people something to talk about."

– Inspector Paul Crick, Suffolk Police
“80 vehicles were found insecure. After the initiative the same area was patrolled again and 3 were found” Credit: Suffolk Police