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Report into hospital blunders that led to the death of a teenager

Tracy Foskett's daughter Victoria Harrison died at Kettering General Hospital after a routine operation. Photo: ITV News Anglia

A mother from Northamptonshire who lost her daughter after a series of hospital blunders has spoken of her relief that a report into her death has finally been made public.

Victoria Harrison was just 17 when she bled to death in Kettering Hospital after a routine operation for appendicitis in 2012.

The hospital initially refused to release the report into what went wrong saying it would put undue stress on the staff. Her mother, Tracy Foskett, said she had forgiven those who made mistakes.

Victoria Harrison was just 17 when she bled to death in Kettering General Hospital

Kettering Hospital's report into what went wrong has been made public for the first time after a Freedom of Information request by the BBC.

Victoria died following an appendix operation. An artery was accidentally nicked and although surgeons believed they'd repaired the damage she later died from internal bleeding.

The report highlighted 43 areas of concern including poor communication between staff, a lack of routine post operative observations and inaccurate recording of medication.

Some of the failings were highlighted at an inquest into Victoria's death in December 2013.

No-one from the hospital was available for comment but managers say lessons have been learned. Medical staff now carry a detailed leaflet reminding them of their responsibilities.

Kettering Hospital says changes have been made Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tracy doesn't want retribution - she's forgiven staff whose errors contributed to Victoria's death - but she does want assurances that improvements will be followed through.

The youngest child of a loving home, Victoria was an aspiring hairdresser with plans to marry. No report can change the fact that the end of her promising life could have been avoided.

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