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What makes living in the Anglia region so special?

Residents of Uttlesford in Essex enjoy the best quality of life of any rural area in Great Britain Photo: ITV News Anglia

Sixteen places in the Anglia region have been named as the best rural places to live in Britain and top of the list is the Saffron Walden area of Essex.

The list has been compiled by the Halifax Rural Areas Quality of Life survey taking into account a wide range of factors like health, life expectancy, the crime rate, the weather and school results.

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The Uttlesford district in Essex came top of the list of 50 places named including 15 other areas of the Anglia region.

  • Average weekly earnings in Uttlesford are £819 compared to the national average of £608
  • The employment rate in Uttlesford is 84% compared with 74% nationally
  • 96.7% of residents report to be in general good health
  • The life expectancy is 81.8 years
Saffron Walden is the biggest town in the Uttlesford area of Essex Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Uttlesford has consistently reported positive scores across a wide range of indicators for a number of years. And taking a wide range of economic and social factors into account residents here can now lay claim to having the highest standard of living in rural Britain."

– Craig McKinlay, Halifax Mortgage Director
Sixteen places in the Anglia region made it into the Top 50 list of the best rural places to live Credit: ITV News Anglia

Other facts about the Anglia region in the survey

  • South Northamptonshire has the highest employment with 88.9%
  • East Hertfordshire has the country's third highest average weekly wage at £825
  • Uttlesford and Rutland have the biggest homes with an average of 6.4 rooms
  • North Norfolk has the lowest burglary rate in England at 7.3 per 10,000 household
  • The lowest average annual rainfall is in Maldon in Essex with 552 mm
  • Residents of South Cambridgeshire have the second highest lift expectancy at 82.8 years
  • People in the South Holland area of Lincolnshire are the "least anxious" with an average rating of 2.16 out of 10

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Here's what some of you have been saying so far:

"The scenery is fantastic around here lots of countryside to explore."

– Barry Peck, Irthlingborough

"Left scotland in May 03 to start a new life in Lowestoft and am very happy to be settled here by the seaside. Like am on holiday every day."

– Liz Gray, Lowestoft

"Wide open spaces, easy access to open countryside, the landscape maybe flat but the light here is unlike the light anywhere else."

– Debbie Thomson

"I would say the countryside but sadly it's slowly being turned into housing estates."

– Emma Collins-Tunnard

"Great. Let's blow our own trumpet and then we can have everyone from London coming up here, pushing up house prices."

– Janet Piper, Suffolk

"Worry not. Lack of infrastructure will put people off."

– Janet Bayes

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