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HMIC report into Norfolk Police's approach to tackling domestic abuse

Norfolk Police HQ, Wymondham. Photo: PA Images

Executive Summary

The public in Norfolk can have confidence that, generally the police provide a good service to victims of domestic abuse and in doing so, help to keep them safe.

Domestic abuse is a clear priority for the force and this is understood by staff at all levels, who have received messages from the chief constable reinforcing this. There has been a significant focus on domestic abuse by the police and crime commissioner, who has recently appointed a member of staff who has responsibility for co-ordinating a countywide response to domestic abuse.

The police and crime plan also has a strong focus on domestic abuse. The force has a well-developed and effective response to high-risk victims of domestic abuse (those at high risk of serious harm or murder) and staff work well with partners.

This report also outlines areas where the force could further strengthen its response to victims of domestic abuse.

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