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House sparrow tops the list of popular garden birds

House sparrow came in at the top of the list of garden birds Photo: RSPB

More than 65,000 people across the East of England took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch in Jaunary 2014.

Over one weekend, people recorded the numbers and types of birds they spotted in their gardens and sent the information to the RSPB.

Now the RSPB has released its top ten birds seen in the East of England.

  • 1 House Sparrow
  • 2 Starling
  • 3 Blue tit
  • 4 Blackbird
  • 5 Woodpigeon
  • 6 Collared dove
  • 7 Goldfinch
  • 8 Chaffinch
  • 9 Great tit
  • 10 Robin
Blue tit Credit: RSPB

The Blue tit crept up the rankings to third place and the Robin appeared back in the top ten again after falling lower in previous years

But there are concerns for some of our favourites, even though they made it into the top ten.

Birds like the House sparrow and Starling, whilst they sit at the top spots in our survey, if you look at the wider context and results going back to 1979, what we can see is that their populations have dropped by over 60% and with the case of the Sparrows, by over 84%, so there are some real worries there.

– Rachael Murray from the RSPB
Starling Credit: RSPB

The survey took place across the UK with just under half a million people joining in, a similar amount to the year before.

Another surprise in the list is the Goldfinch where numbers are rising. Back in 2001 it was on the RSPB amber list, meaning there was concern over its numbers. Now it seems to be thriving in the East of England.

The Goldfinch has become more popular Credit: RSPB