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East Anglia has sunniest start to the year on record

East Anglia has enjoyed the sunniest ever first three months of the year Photo: Pauline Saggers

East Anglia has seen the sunniest ever start to the year with a record-breaking total of sunshine hours between January and March.

According to Met Office figures, the region had 339.7 hours of sunshine in the first three months of 2014 - the highest total for January to March since records started in East Anglia in 1929.

This year beat the previous record set in 2003 by 2½ hours.

The top 10 sunniest January-March periods in East Anglia since 1929. Credit: Met Office / ITV News Anglia

There was 37% more sunshine during January to March amount to 92 extra hours more than normal.

During the three months there was an average of 3¾ hours of sunshine per day. The long-term average for East Anglia is 2¾ hours per day.

While across the UK was also sunnier than average - no records were broken. For the country as a whole there was a sunshine total of 248.9 hours between January and March making it the 11th sunniest such period since 1929.

The UK has 14% more sunshine in the first quarter than usual.

Sunrise at Earith, Cambridgeshire on 28 February 2014 Credit: John Flint

As well as the sunshine, it was also an exceptionally warm start to the year. No other first quarter of the year has been milder except one in 1990.

The mean temperature, which takes into account daytime highs and night time low, in East Anglia between January and March was 6.9°C. The normal temperature for that period is 5.0°C.

The top ten warmest first quarters of the year in East Anglia since records started in 1910

  • 7.43°C in 1990
  • 6.87°C in 2014
  • 6.83°C in 2007
  • 6.70°C in 1998
  • 6.70°C in 2002
  • 6.47°C in 1957
  • 6.37°C in 1938
  • 6.30°C in 1921
  • 6.23°C in 1989
  • 6.13°C in 2008

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