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Police seize contraband in bootleg tobacco and alcohol raids

Suspected counterfeit cigarettes found in premises in Great Yarmouth Photo: ITV News Anglia

There's been a series of raids in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft looking for counterfeit alcohol and tobacco.

Three shops in Yarmouth and two houses in Lowestoft have been targeted by the police, HMRC and trading standards.

Some 50 officers were involved in carrying out searches. A shop in Yarmouth's St Peter's Road was raided and hundreds of packets of cigarettes were discovered, hidden away in rooms behind.

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Police involved in the search for counterfeit alcohol and tobacco in Great Yarmouth. Credit: Malcolm Robertson / ITV News Anglia

Stephen Maunder from Norfolk Trading Standards said: "This undercuts legitimate businesses in our region and we're determined to stop it."

"In total we've found thousands of packets of cigarettes. No duty is being paid on this and often quite horrible chemicals and even rat droppings are found in the tobacco."

– Stephen Maunder, Norfolk Trading Standards
As part of their search for suspected counterfeit cigarettes, police found these in the boot of a car in Great Yarmouth. Credit: Malcolm Robertson / ITV News Anglia