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'Anorexia left me two weeks from death': Teenage boy helps others with eating disorders

Kyle Carter and his family lived through difficult years when he was struggling with anorexia. Photo:

Eating disorders ruined years of Kyle Carter's life, starting when he was just 11 and bullies at school mocked his weight.

He spent years in hospital refusing to eat, including more than a year in a specialist residential unit, miles away from his family.

Kyle, first started showing symptoms of anorexia when he was at primary school.

As the illness progressed he often had to be restrained by medical staff and fed through a tube. He was at one point sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Kyle Carter supports several other people with eating disorders.

In the end, Kyle found that, to some extent, his recovery was within his control.

He decided to start eating after deciding he could no long keep up the fight with medical staff, trying to help him.

It was not easy, but he is now at home and restarting his life, from college courses to driving lessons.

He uses his experiences to counsel four or five other people over the internet, from countries as far afield as China and Norway.

He also manages and contributes to support groups on Facebook, posting his poems as motivation for other people with eating disorders.

"It is a very lonely illness," he said. "Sometimes it is nice to reach out to someone and say: you're not alone. I am here for you."