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Speed stacking teenager stacks cups in under two seconds

Speed stacking - competitors stack and unstack cups as fast as they can. Photo:

A 17-year-old from Hertfordshire is flying to South Korea this weekend to take part in the World Sport Stacking Championships.

Commonly known as speed stacking - it's exactly as it sounds. Competitors stack and unstack cups as fast as they can.

James Acraman one of Britian's fastest speed stackers.

James Acraman from Stevenage is one of Britain's fastest speed stackers. What began as a hobby has become a bit of an obsession. James is flying to South Korea with Team GB, to take part in the World Championships.

"Usually I practice for an hour a day, I used to practice for two or three hours a day. It helps you with your hand eye co-ordination, gets you healthy, you can make new friends from all over the world with speed stacking."

– James Acraman, Speed Stacker

Officially called 'sport stacking', it's a simple concept - you pile and unpile cups, as fast as possible. There are set routines, some of which the very best can do in under two seconds.

The World Sport Stacking Championships are held every year and they have already brought James quite a bit of success. He has won four medals at competitions in Germany and the USA."

James has won four medals at competitions in Germany and the USA.
The current record holder in all three competitive sequences is a young American, called William Orrrell.

In South Korea James will compete in four events. His dad has been helping him train.

Roger Acraman, James's dad.

"I'm immensely proud of James, he's done so well. He's worked really hard for it - he wasn't interested in going into competitions first of all but when he decided yes, I'm ready for the competitions, we were happy to support him and I'm really proud he's done so well".

– Roger Acraman, James's dad

There's also a routine called the doubles cycle, which father and son will compete in together. Come next week they could both be bringing back medals on the plane.

James and Roger working together on a double cycle routine.