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A new twist on football for the 50+

Walking football - a slower version of the game. Photo:

The pre-match build-up looks the same. Gentle stretching, getting a feel of the ball, and talking tactics, but there's one simple rule. No running allowed, because this is walking football.

"It's an idea to make it a bit more inclusive, so if people aren't at the fitness levels that they might need to be to play a full 11 a side match, it's something a little bit different to get them involved. It's aimed at 50 plus, that's the age group we're aiming the activity at, that's not to say that younger people can't join in."

– Stuart Smith, Football Development Officer, Northamptonshire FA

It's a game where the phrase walking the ball into the net truly applies. No kick and rush, although the natural urge to run with or after the ball is difficult to resist, and it's catching on. Many club's around the region are offering walking football: