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April was one of the warmest on record in East Anglia

Ideal bird-chasing weather this April for Teddy the dog in Yaxley. Photo: Credit: David Bradley.

Once the figures have been finalised for this April, it's likely that it will have been the fourth warmest since records began in 1910. Average temperatures have been almost two degrees above normal with a mean temperature of 10.6°C. However, recent Aprils such as 2011 and 2007 have been warmer than 2014.

Surprisingly, despite the warm temperatures, sunshine amounts have been slightly lower than normal. This follows the sunniest start to the year on record.

It's also been a dry April with only around half the usual rainfall. With the exception of the particularly wet April in 2011, this April follows a trend of recent dry Aprils. In fact, 8 out of the past ten Aprils have been drier than normal.

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