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Addenbrooke's asthma expert warns of inadequate care putting patients at risk

Experts say asthma sufferers are dying needlessly because of inadequate care. Photo: Clive Gee/PA.

Hundreds of asthma sufferers are dying needlessly because of inadequate care, according to a study published today.

Experts identified "major avoidable factors" in two thirds of the asthma deaths examined.

Patients are receiving inadequate information, education and advice on managing their asthma, according to the document.

Meanwhile medics are failing to spot key signs which point to patients not managing their condition well.

These factors are leading to a large number of deaths which could otherwise have been prevented, the report said.

In the UK, three people die from asthma every day and every 10 seconds someone suffers from a potentially life-threatening attack.

Among the report's authors is asthma specialist Dr Shuaib Nasser, from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. He said patients and their doctors often did nott realise how serious their condition was.

Many are not using the correct inhalers and, he said, treatments need to be more personal, identifying a patient's triggers to prevent more attacks.

Claire McGlasson reports.

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