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The race is on to save an iconic lighthouse

Orfordness lighthouse Photo: ITV Anglia

The owners of Orfordness lighthouse in Suffolk say they're in a race against nature to put plans in place to move the iconic building.

Standing 100ft tall on Orfordness in Suffolk, the lighthouse has been an iconic sight along the coast for centuries but with the surrounding land eroding at an alarming rate thoughts turn to its future.

The erosion at Orfordness Credit: ITV Anglia

The brutal storms of last winter saw ten metres of land lost in five months, four metres in one night alone in January.

Earlier this year fishermen helped the owners, the Orfordness Lighthouse Company, put in new sea defences to try to slow nature down.

The inside of the lighthouse Credit: ITV Anglia

It's hoped it will give them the time they need to put plans in place to dismantle and move the lighthouse to another site.

The view from the top of the lighthouse Credit: ITV Anglia

People love lighthouses, everybody does and if that can be achieved, it's a forlorn hope I'm going to try.

– Nicholas Gold, The Orfordness Lighthouse Company

Frequent public visits to the lighthouse are now being arranged to allow more people to experience this piece of history. **

They'll get to climb the stone staircase more than 90 feet to the top to see where the light used to shine from and enjoy the stunning views of the coast.

Inside Orfordness lighthouse Credit: ITV Anglia

Longterm I cannot stop nature. The sea will come in, I recognise that. It would cost a fortune to make it last 50 or a hundred years that was why Trinity house had to bail out but in the short term I can slow things down.

– Nicholas Gold, The Orfordness Lighthouse Company