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UKIP soar in elections

UKIP winners in Euro elections Photo:

The UK independence party made big gains in the European elections last night. UKIP and the Conservatives now hold three seats, and Labour one in the East of England

The East Midlands constituency, which includes Northamptonshire, elected two MEPs for UKIP and the Conservatives, and one for Labour, while the South-East constituency, including Milton Keynes, elected ten MEPs, with UKIP coming out on top

It's been a fasntastic night. We're so excited that the people of the eastern counties have connected with us and we've connected with them. They've been willing to put their faith in us and its a great honour. We're very clear that our job is not to go over to Brussels and become part of the furniture or go native or anything like that

– Patrick O'Flynn MEP, UK Independence Party

Fellow party member Stuart Agnew held his seat while Tim Aker took the third UKIP place at the expense of the Lib Dems. Andrew Duff losing his seat after 15 years in the role

The Conservatives held their ground - three seats for Vicky Ford, Geoffrey Van Orden and David Campbell Bannerman

Re-elected labour MEP Richard Howitt acknowledges there needs to be a change in direction.

**people are disaffected. There is an anti-politics sentiment. People are affected by the cost of living crisis. If they haven't yet been fully convinced by Labour and I'll be the first to admit we need to do more, they're looking for a protest vote. The difference is in 12 months time they won't be protesting they'll be deciding who the government is

– Richard Howitt MEP, Labour

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