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Mother was allowed to board plane using daughter's passport

Southend Airport has apologised to Sally Nayler after she was allowed to board a plane with her daughter's passport. Photo: ITV News Anglia.

Airport security officials are investigating how a 47-year-old white woman managed to fly to Spain - using the passport of her mixed-race teenage daughter.

Sally Nayler grabbed the passport belonging to 17-year-old Shelby by mistake as she rushed to Southend Airport in Essex last month.

She joined 12 friends and family on a hen do to Alicante - and managed to join the EasyJet flight without a hitch.

The error was only spotted when she tried to leave Spain after the weekend on the Monday and was barred from getting on the plane home.

Sally had to spend the night in a hotel while her passport problem was sorted out by the British Consulate.

She was flown home the following day on an emergency passport.

Sally, from Benfleet, Essex, said: "I was allowed to fly out on my daughter's passport. I went through security and handed over my boarding pass and the passport.

"I think it shows security is lacking at Southend Airport. I could have been a criminal or a terrorist.

"They couldn't have checked my passport properly, as my daughter is mixed race and has an Afro hairdo."

Sally said Southend Airport had apologised and offered free parking and use of the VIP terminal on her next flight.

But she said she had yet to hear anything from EasyJet.

A Southend Airport spokesman said: "Security and the safety of passengers and aircraft are of paramount concern.

"A full investigation is in progress into the circumstances outlined by Ms Nayler, and appropriate action regarding staff and procedures will be taken when we know the outcome.

"We'd like to apologise for any distress caused by her experience."

An EasyJet spokesman said it was investigating how Ms Nayler was able to travel with the wrong passport.They added: "We can confirm that the correct passport details had been submitted online in order to gain access to the boarding pass, however as an additional measure a visual identification should have occurred prior to travel."When the documentation issue was raised at Alicante, airport staff assisted the customer in arranging an emergency passport, alternate flights and the customer has since received compensation for all associated costs."