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Designs for big names and the stars created in Norwich

This time of year artists everywhere welcome visitors as part of the Open Studios event.

Botanical textile designer Carol Lake is no exception, while you might not recognise the name, you may well recognise her work.

Carol Lake Credit: ITV Anglia

She's designed for big names like Next, Debenhams and Ted Baker. One of her cushions even turned up on an episode of Friends

Carol is fanatical about flowers, they are everywhere throughout her home which is also her studio and shop.

Charlotte in Sex in the City Credit: Carol Lake

Charlotte in Sex And The City wore one of her bold prints.

It was a shock actually. I was just watching, for instance, Sex and The City because I love that programme and suddenly there's Charlotte in one of my designs and I actually leapt off the sofa and screamed and my poor cat who was sitting on my lap, leapt up in fright but yeah, it was such a proud amazing moment.

– Carol Lake, designer
Carol's studio Credit: ITV Anglia

One of her cushions also turned up on an episode of Friends.

Carol's been a textile designer for more than thirty years, she's worked for Next, Ted Baker, Nina Campbell and Lulu Guinness.

Carol's shop in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia

But now she works under own name in a former chocolate shop in Upper St Giles in Norwich and is often inspired by local views

We've got a gorgeous local church surrounded by wisteria in the spring, the late spring and I just wanted to capture that and do something that was local and personal to the area and so I celebrated it by doing a painting of i , getting it printed onto fabric and making a chair and some cushions out of it which have all now sold.

– Carol Lake, designer
Carol's sofa inspired by the local view Credit: ITV Anglia

You can visit Carol on Fridays and Saturdays as part of Open Studios