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House which inspired classic kids book up for sale

Tom's Midnight Garden Photo: ITV News Anglia

It's a classic children's book - the tale of Tom's Midnight Garden - set in a creepy old house where the young hero is sent to stay.

Well the book was written in the 1950s - inspired by a house that's gone on the market at Great Shelford just outside Cambridge.

The book tells the story of a lonely boy who escapes into the property's garden each night when a clock strikes thirteen to play with a girl called Hattie.

The girl ages each time they meet and it transpires she is actually an elderly lady who also lives in the house and their adventures have been episodes from her childhood.

The Midnight Garden Credit: ITV News Anglia

King's Mill House at Great Shelford near Cambridge, is on the market for £3.5m.

The book was written by Phillippa Pearce who grew up here. She spoke to ITV Anglia in 2004 - two years before her death

The house was built in 1825. If you're thinking of making a bid its three and a half acres of grounds feature a large fish pond and heated swimming pool.

The house which started it all Credit: ITV News Anglia