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Calls for warning about virus that can affect unborn babies

Two-year old daughter Scarlett Charrett who was born with developmental problems Photo:

A mother from Northampton is calling on the NHS to warn pregnant women of the dangers of a common virus which can affect their unborn babies.

Two year old Scarlet Charrett

Sheena Charrett's 2-year old daughter Scarlett was born with developmental problems after she contracted CMV or Cytomegalovirus.

Washing hands could help save lives

She says simple steps like washing hands and not sharing food or cutlery could save lives and save the NHS millions of pounds. Medical experts say CMV is a real threat. Here is virologist Professor Paul Griffiths

For more advice about the virus go to the CMV Action website....

Most mum's wouldn't think twice about sharing cutlery or food with their young children, but a Northampton mother is trying to raise awareness of a virus that can be passed on doing just that. CMV or the Cytomegalovirus is common in young children and causes no harm to them - but it can be dangerous to pregnant women and can affect their unborn babies. Sheena Charrett's daughter Scarlett was born with developmental difficulties after she contracted CMV during pregnancy. Experts say simple steps like regular hand washing and avoiding some close contact with young children will stop the virus spreading. Here is Claire McGlasson's report.