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Norfolk to send a fifth of its waste to Suffolk incinerator

Plans have been drawn up to dispose of a fifth of Norfolk's waste by sending it to an incinerator in Suffolk.

The plant at Great Blakenham near Ipswich will process around 40,000 tonnes of rubbish from Norfolk every year, which is about a fifth of the non- recyclable waste that the county produces.

"Last year we had over 210,000 tonnes of residual waste, that's waste after all the recyclables have been taken out of it and disposed of. That's a big problem for Norfolk and Norfolk's communities and it costs an awful lot of money. So the deal that we've done with Suffolk will save us about a £1 million over two years and that's really good news. But also it stops that waste going into landfill"

– David Collinson, Norfolk County Council

The contract only lasts for two years and Norfolk County Council has already established a working party to find ways of dealing with waste when the deal runs out in 2016.

Plans to create a waste incinerator in King's Lynn were turned down earlier this year.