1. ITV Report

Saturday weather update for Anglia: More storms likely.


Thundery rain should soon clear the west and northwest of the area in the morning with sunny spells developing, but further thunderstorms with local hail are likely by mid-afternoon. Feeling hot and humid. Maximum temperature 30 deg C (86 deg F).


Remaining warm and humid overnight with further thundery showers or thunderstorms likely at first, but becoming mostly dry and rather cloudy at times later in the night. Minimum temperature 17 deg C (63 deg F).


Mostly dry at first with some sunny spells, but locally heavy and thundery showers are likely to develop by the afternoon. Remaining very warm but a little less humid. Maximum temperature 25 deg C (77 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Some bright or sunny spells but scattered showers are still likely to develop during the day. Staying generally warm or very warm but cooler near the coast.