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Lowestoft man who downed goldfish for drinking game is fined and handed animal ban

Jack Blowers thought it would be funny to be filmed swallowing goldfish.

But the RSPCA didn't see the funny side of it, which is why he was at Lowestoft Magistrates' Court this afternoon.

The magistrates were shown the video in question.

It was part of the neknomination craze - someone filming themselves doing something extreme, then nominating others to do something even more so.

He'd bought the two goldfish, put gravel and fish food into a glass and swallowed them.

Jack Blowers talks to the press. Credit: ITV News Anglia

What the magistrates didn't see was Blowers, through a combination of the fish and fish food, feeling sick and regurgitating the goldfish.

They were then put into a fish bowl and eventually given to his nan.

Blowers' solicitor described it as a stupid prank.

He said he could understand why the RSPCA brought the case but urged the magistrates to be proportionate in the sentence.

A friend who filmed the incident was given a caution.

Blowers, who's played golf for Suffolk, had to pay fines and costs of £820 after admitting two charges of failing to protect the fish from suffering and failing to provide a suitable environment.

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