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Family makes appeal for killer to come forward

Police search for evidence Photo: ITV News Anglia

It's now five weeks since Nahid Almanea was murdered in Colchester. And yet those responsible still haven't been found.

Today her family urged her killer to hand themselves in.

The statement read:

Det Con Jane Morgan reads the statement Credit: ITV News Anglia

We wish to appeal directly to the person responsible for Nahid's death to come forward and hand themselves into the police in order to relieve our suffering and let justice take its course.

Nahid was a remarkable and gentle person who was loved for her kind and caring nature.

Publicly she was a quiet and dignified lady who chose to pursue her academic studies in order to work towards her PhD.

And whilst in England she made the decision that she would respect her heritage and traditions in the way that she dressed and conducted herself. However, when she was with her family Nahid was a warm and loving person who enjoyed laughter and the company of her parents, siblings and extended family."

– Family statement

A team from Essex Police spent a week in Saudi Arabia speaking to Nahid's family and gathering intelligence.

Nahid Almanea was stabbed 16 times while she walked along the Salary Brook Trail on 17th June. She was studying at the University of Essex.

In March, James Attfield was murdered in Colchester in a similar frenzied knife attack.

But despite the volume of exhibits, both the murder weapons, and those guilty of using them, still have not been found.

Forensic teams at work Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We've had two ferocious knife attacks in Colchester. As a force how difficult are those investigations? They are complex investigations but as a force we are able to respond to them.

We have fully staffed teams that are working continually to make sure both investigations progress and active lines of enquiry are pursued and that will continue until we find those responsible. We have an absolute commitment that we have made both to the family and to the community to do everything that we can to bring those responsible to justice."

– Det Ch Sup Steve Worron

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