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Replica mammoth returns to the north Norfolk coast

The mechanical life-size replica of the mammoth, called Hugh Mungus. Photo: ITV News Anglia.

He would have last roamed the Norfolk coast hundreds of thousands of years ago.

And today, Hugh Mungus the mammoth returned to the seaside at West Runton - albeit in slightly different form.

The bones of the ancient beast were dug up in 1990.

They were discovered by Margaret Hems who today was back on the beach to see a mechanical model of the mammoth walk along the sand once again.

The mammoth walks along the beach at West Runton. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

The life-size replica has taken the Norfolk Museum Service and Tin House Arts six months to build.

The real mammoth was 4m tall and weighed 10 tonnes.

It was discovered after a storm in December 1990 when Mrs Hems and her husband noticed a giant bone poking out from the bottom of the cliff.

It turned out to be a mammoth's pelvis bone.

The mammoth's skeleton is excavated from the cliffs at West Runton. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

The rest of the skeleton was buried 20m under the cliff and was not fully excavated until 1995.

It remains the oldest and most complete mammoth skeleton.

Natalie Gray reports.