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Governments wants to make it easier for Anglia businesses to be run from home

Photo: ITV News Anglia.

The government wants to make it even easier for entrepreneurs to start up businesses from home.

Today Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock announced a package of new measures for home-based businesses already contribute £300m to the British economy.

The West Suffolk MP said entrepreneurs working from home were a key element in the economic recovery.

Matthew Hancock. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"It's this spirit of personal endeavour and self-determination that is driving our economic recovery.

"But home businesses don't just fire up the economic engines and create jobs, they turn dormitory towns into living communities, they keep our streets safer and, by driving down car emissions, cleaner too."

– Matthew Hancock, Business Minister.

Among the measures announced by the government today are:

  • New laws to make it easier to run a business from a rented home.
  • Updated guidance to make it clear that planning permission is not normally needed to run a business from your home.
  • New business rates guidance that clarifies that, in the majority of circumstances, home-based businesses should not attract business rates.

Among those entrepreneurs firing the "economic engines" is Duncan Brown from Wollaston in Northamptonshire.

He has been producing gourmet sausages from home for the past four years and is a strong advocated of home-working.

Duncan Brown working from home. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"Being at home it is a nice relaxed environment. I've got no overheads. I can invest into it, build my business up properly and I've got full control over it."

– Duncan Brown, Brown's Gourmet Sausages.

When Julia Brown first started her business at home in Eye, Suffolk, she was selling her waterproof cushions to her friends.

Now she counts John Lewis among the companies she supplies.

Julia said working from home allowed her to keep a good balance between her business and family life.

Julia Brown at home in Eye. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"It's great because I can do exactly what I want when I want to do it.

"It's lovely to be able to take the children to school, go to their productions and that's the most important thing, really.

"Also there's no overheads. When you work from home you can keep it quite tight which is important in the beginning."

– Julia Brown, Oily Rag Fabrics.

One in 10 residential properties now houses a home business.

That equates to 2.9m people working from home and generates £300 billion to the British economy.