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Northampton family fly out to Philippines to bring home their critically ill father

Peter Robinson is almost completely paralysed. Photo:

Two sisters from Northampton have flown to the Philippines to bring home their seriously ill father, who had a stroke there in June.

Peter Robinson is almost completely paralysed. His family in Northampton have had to raise more than £20,000 to pay for flights and medical bills.

Thanks to the generosity of others, they can now make that trip.

Dianne Sutton and Dale Robertson, Peter's daughters.

"Friends and colleagues at work and people we don't even know, which has been absolutely amazing to have that help. We didn't ever believe that within 10 weeks, that we'd be in a position where we were able to get on a flight - it's not been without its problems."

– Dianne Sutton, Peter's daughter

Peter's in hospital in Olongapo City. He did not have medical insurance, so his care's costing the family hundreds of pounds each day.

In a video call last week, they told him they were bringing him home.

Video call to Peter in Olongapo City.

"When we said you need to tell us if you're happy to come back by blinking - he opened his eyes as wide as he possibly could and then closed them tight. Both my sister and I, and my brothers, were relieved that the choices we were making for him were the right ones."

– Dale Robertson, Peter's daughter

Dale and Dianne say people have been incredibly generous, one well known businessman donated £10,000, and a trained flight nurse has taken unpaid leave to help bring Peter back.

Their bags are packed with medical equipment - all things they may need for the journey home on Thursday.

Packing ready to bring Peter home.

"The emotional toll I think is going to be actually as hard as the physical, but you know - like everything else we'll just get on with it and do it and then probably have a little cry after."

– Dale Robertson, Peter's daughter

They have already climbed a mountain, but the hardest part may still be to come.

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