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The UK's biggest ever Quidditch tournament

The event was held at Wollaton Park in Nottingham Photo: University of Nottingham

It's a sport better associated with the fantasy world of Harry Potter, but it's now being played in real life.

Scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were also filmed here Credit: University of Nottingham

Hundreds of players from across the country switched 'butterbeer' for broomsticks to compete in the UK's biggest ever Quidditch tournament.

But unlike Harry and his friends, Quidditch players don't fly with a broomstick, they run with it between their legs instead. It's described as a cross between rugby, handball and dodgeball.

It was the second British Quidditch Cup

Among the twenty-three teams playing in Nottingham over the weekend were the Norwich Nifflers and Cambridge University Quidditch Club.

Both, however, failed to fly to the top, finishing nineteenth and eleventh respectively behind overall winners Southampton Quidditch Club.

Southampton Quidditch Club are the new British Champions Credit: University of Nottingham