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Checking in: Tour teammates to hotel roommates

The team spend most weekends racing in different countries, which means they spend a lot of time together in hotels.

Roommates: The riders usually share rooms at race hotels Credit: ITV News Anglia

Living in such close quarters, the riders get to know each other very well. Laura and Elinor both ride for Team GB and normally share a room when they're away. But, there's a is an early bird and the other likes the snooze on the videos to find out who's who.

The riders have special massages at the end of each race day, so the hotel rooms often become make-shift spas in the evenings.

Down time: A chance to recover from a day's racing Credit: ITV News Anglia

The team manager, Stefan, and the mechanic, Rich, are sharing a room in Luxembourg, but they're not alone. They keep all the bikes in their room overnight too, not surprising when some of them are worth £10,000 each.

Hot wheels: Some of these bikes are worth £10,000 each Credit: ITV News Anglia

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