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Ebola survivor's brave fight to help others with the disease is honoured

Ebola survivor Will Pooley Photo: PA stills

The Ebola survivor Will Pooley has been awarded an MBE for his efforts to fight the disease in Africa.

Mr Pooley, who's 30, from Eyke, contracted the deadly virus six weeks after he began working with Ebola patients in west Africa and was airlifted back to the UK for treatment in August last year.

After making a full recovery, Mr Pooley went back to Sierra Leone in October. He helped other patients in west Africa who were hit by an epidemic which rapidly became the deadliest outbreak of the disease since its discovery in 1976.

Mr Pooley returned to the UK in May.

"We are very proud because he followed what he wanted to do. He followed it through even when it was uncomfortable and dangerous and he was quite aware that he was putting his life on the line. "We are proud of him because he was doing something that most people would not dream of."

– Jackie Pooley, Will's mum

More than 11,000 people have been reported as having died from Ebola in six countries - Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the United States and Mali, since the first confirmed case was recorded in March 2014.<

Disability campaigner Helen Dolphin, from Norwich, who once worked at ITV Anglia, is made an MBE for her efforts to promote the cause of disabled drivers.

Helen, who lost part of her limbs following a bout of meningitis, has been a tireless campaigner for the rights of Blue Badge holders.

Helen Dolphin, MBE Credit: Twitter/Helen Dolphin

Others honoured in the East include the long-standing MP for Chelmsford, Simon Burns, who'll become a knight.

Simon Burns MP Credit: PA stills

Famous angler Bob Church, from Moulton in Northamptonshire, is made an MBE. Bob was named the angler of the Millennium in a poll, and has been responsible for many new developments in both flies and tackle.

Bob Church with a zander Credit:

A bishop of the Coptic Church who regularly speaks out over the fate of Christians in the Middle East is one of the people from Hertfordshire given an honour in the Queen's Birthday list.

Bishop Anba Angaelos, from Stevenage, is made an OBE for his work trying to preserve religious freedoms.

Bishop Anba Angaelos with the Prime Minister Credit: Bishop Anba Angaelos

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