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Race food: Inside a pro cyclist's stomach on race day

For professional cyclists, food is fuel. Breakfast is crucial on race day and riders will often start the day with porridge, cereal, toast or fruit.

Hotel breakfast: Elinor and Mel are up first before Stage One Credit: ITV News Anglia

Martin Eadon is the team Soigneur - from the French meaning the "one who provides care". He's responsible for feeding, clothing and massaging the riders. The girls call him "Dud", because he's been told he looks like Dudley Moore.

Calories burned on race day

Dud prepares all the food the riders will eat on their bikes during the race. Here he is rustling up his famous race rice cakes in the camper:

Off on a long bike ride? Here's what you'll need to make Dud's rice cakes at home - just cook it all together on the hob:

  • Rice
  • Rice milk
  • Sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • Banana (or a fruit of your choice)
Camper kitchen: Dud's rice cakes Credit: ITV News Anglia

If Dud's rice cakes aren't enough, the riders can also drop back to the team car during the race for extra food and drink - and tactical advice. Here's Team Manager, Stefan, showing us what's inside the convoy car:

After the race some of the riders have a protein shake, while others prefer something more substantial. When they get back to the race hotel, chicken and pasta is usually the best option - sometimes there's steak if they're lucky.

On the menu: Chicken, pasta and tomato sauce Credit: ITV News Anglia

Like the rest of us, pro cyclists do get the odd day off. Elinor uses her rest days to get creative in the kitchen and admits her guilty pleasure has to be carrot cake.

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You can check out more of Elinor's bakes on her Instagram page.

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