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Terrified Northampton family hid in cellar as Tunisian gunman ran amok

Graeme Scott in one of the hotel pools Photo: Graeme Scott

A family from Northamptonshire have spoken of their lucky escape as the Tunisian killer ran riot through their hotel.

The Scott family hid in the hotel cellar as the gunman ran amok. Once the shooting stopped they passed dead bodies and pools of blood as they left the area.

The family were sunbathing by the pool when they heard what they first thought sounded like firecrackers. Then Graeme realised it was gunshots and they started running. They hid in the cellar inside the hotel for about an hour while the shooting continued.

Left to right - Karl Scott, Jen Scott, Sid Scott, Graeme Scott. Credit: ITV Anglia

Graeme Scott, from Irchester, and his mum and dad and cousin were in the hotel at the time of the shooting. They had been to the same hotel for five years in a row and were relaxing by the pool when they heard gunfire.

"We'd been in the swimming pool, sort of relaxing, cooling down, putting more suncream on and we laid there and suddenly there was some shooting and dad turned round and said "That's firecrackers." I says, "No, Dad, that sounds something more to me. It's gunshots. We've got to go."

– Graeme Scott, Holidaymaker
Graeme Scott in the hotel Credit: Graeme Scott

Graeme's mum had only recently had a double knee replacement but managed to get to safety as the family made a dash for the cellar.

"So we struggled up the path with Jen, because of her knees and then when we got in the reception one of the girls said come with me, so she took us downstairs into the cellar..."

– Sid Scott, Graeme's father:

"And there was about twenty of us actually in this little cellar room with the door shut, for our own safety, but you could hear all the shooting going on whilst we were in there."

– Graeme Scott, Holidaymaker
The beach at Sousse before the massacre Credit: Graeme Scott

At the same time - Graeme's cousin Karl was hiding in an office inside the hotel.

"Outside the office you could hear the gunfire, because it was literally outside the window where we were. But as we came out, there were dead bodies in the corridor, we had to step over the dead bodies and the blood to get down to the reception area. You realised how close you were to the gunman at that point, because, obviously, if there were dead bodies in the corridor he was literally the other side of the door where we were."

– Karl Scott, Graeme's cousin

Click below to watch a report on the Scott family's ordeal by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper

The Scott family on the beach in Tunisia Credit: Graeme Scott
The Imperial Marharba Hotel Credit: Graeme Scott

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