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Was there a second gunman? Norfolk man says he saw two armed men during Tunisian killing spree

Tony and Christine Hines Photo: ITV Anglia

A tourist from Norfolk says he's convinced that there were two gunmen involved in the murderous events that took place at a Tunisian beach resort leaving 30 British people dead.

Tony Hines, from Toftwood in Norfolk, was on holiday at the Hotel Imperial Marhab hotel with his family when he heard gunshots.

He got separated from his wife Christine, daughter Emma and son-in-law Dale Jackson.

"I ran like hell away from where it was happening. I went through and hid behind some posts about 150 yards away.

"I could see him come in, he came in and reloaded his magazine, stuck a magazine in, got up to near the pool, I see him up with his gun and fire towards the steps.

"Later on we found three dead bodies on the steps, so he'd obviously shot them."

– Tony Hines

Mr Hines heard two large explosions which he thought were grenades, and a lot of firing in the hotel too. He managed to get a lift up to the first floor and hide in a room with another woman.

From the window he saw the black-clad gunman walk down to the beach, where he was chased by some Tunisian people. He did not see the man fire again.

Mr Hines says it was then that below his window he saw a second man with a gun wearing red shorts.

Tony Hines from Toftwood Credit: ITV Anglia

"I looked down (from the window) and underneath me was another guy with a gun.

He was definitely a Tunisian. He was in red shorts, with no top on. He seemed to know what was going on.

– Tony Hines

He eventually reunited with his family on returning down to the ground floor.

They'd been hiding in a cold store. Mr Hines said his son-in-law had gone out looking for his body because they had been separated for so long.

He says the whole experience was awful.

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