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Tunisia shooting: Injured now returned home

More of the seriously injured Britons caught up in Friday's shooting in Tunisia have now been flown back to the UK.

Radley Ruszkiewicz Credit: ITV News

Among those who were injured was Radley Ruszkiewicz from Braintree.

He's grateful to be alive and spoke to ITV News just before he left Tunisia.

He said he was very glad to be going home after being caught up in Friday's massacre.

"It'll make all the difference because I'm still living the trauma here with the language, the banging of the doors. It's just bringing it back all the time."

– Radley Ruszkiewicz
Kirsty Murray Credit: ITV News

Radley's fiancee Kirsty Murray was shot in both legs and lost six pints of blood.

She too is heading back to England. Both desperate to get away from the scene of the tragedy.

They were at their hotel swimming pool when the attack too place.

"I'm in pain, sore, angry and sad, but happy to be alive at the same time"

– Kirsty Murray
James Blake and Amie Franks Credit: ITV News

Meanwhile Amie Franks and James Blake were on their holiday flight to Tunisia when Friday's massacre was taking place.

They found out about the tragedy at their resort when their plane touched down.

They were given the option to return home immediately but they chose to stay on.

"I didn't want whoever was involved in that to feel like they had won by any means and its such a beautiful country and when we arrived everyone made us feel really warm and welcome. We did feel genuinely safe so we felt there was no reason to go home."

– James Blake

The couple from Norwich completely understand those who witnessed the attacks wanting to get away.

But despite some pressure on them, they are determined to carry on with their holiday.

"We've had a few text messages and phone calls from family and friends that are concerned but we're here and we feel very, very safe, there's police everywhere, they're patrolling the beach, the Tunisians make you feel very safe and we were assured by Thomas Cook that we're in one of the safest places we could be at the minute."

– Amie Franks

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