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Girl's alopecia blog helps others with hair-loss condition

Erin Walker has Alopecia. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A nine-year-old girl from Northamptonshire who lost her hair when she developed alopecia says she is determined to help other children who have the condition.

Erin Walker from Broughton near Kettering noticed her hair coming out in clumps two years ago.

At first her Mum and Dad were worried she might have a life threatening illness but doctors told her she had a type of Alopecia where her own immune system had attacked her hair follicles.

It meant Erin's shoulder length hair began to fall out fast and her teachers had to explain to friends at school what was happening to her.

Erin says at first she was worried about what other people would think but then rather than letting it get her down she decided to do something positive about it.

She began writing an online blog about her experience and through that has made many new friends who have had similar experiences.

One of them, Daisy, lives in Bath and after months of writing to each other the pair finally met in Milton Keynes last week.

Unfortunately even though the hair loss isn't permanent there is currently no cure for the condition.

Erin and her family say they've been greatly helped by the support charity Alopecia UK and wanted to give something back. Erin decided to shave off her remaining hair and her Dad said he'd do the same.

They set out to raise £100 but have so far received donations totalling more than £800 which they hope will help other people coming to terms with hair loss.

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