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Celebrated 'Maris Otter' barley has been helping to brew beer for 50 years.

For 50 years Maris Otter barley has been used by brewers to make award-winning barley. Most cereals are superseded within 5 or 6 years so this is quite a record. The original barley is grown in North Norfolk and owned by grain merchants, H Banham. They own a secret 'motherfield' where the pure seeds are kept and used to sow other fields around the county.

Maris Otter barley. Credit: ITV Anglia

Even though Maris Otter makes up less than 6% of the brewing malt market in the UK, 10 of the most recent 15 champion beers of Britain were brewed with Maris Otter malted barley.

"The quality of the malting barley really follows through to the beer so it's essential. It's the key ingredient in my view to any beer. Not just for the taste but the overall character of the beer. That's why we only ever use Maris Otter because it's very forgiving and a very consistent malt within the brewing process"

– David Holliday, Norfolk Brewhouse

In celebration of the 50th anniversary there is a beer festival at Open in Norwich on 18th and 19th September.

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