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Factories, fowl and firemen - a trip back through the Anglia Archives

Thirty years ago Anglia News was reporting on one of the greats of wildlife broadcasting opening a new facility on Rutland Water.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Lyndon Visitor Centre was opened by Sir David Attenborough, who had a very personal connection to the area.

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In that same week came a report on the start of work on a new factory in Norwich.

Colman’s Mustard has been based in Norfolk since 1814. But in November 1985 work started on the company's new soft drinks site.

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And finally...

A decade later, a calendar showing Essex Firemen had temperatures rising - but not necessarily in the way they'd hoped

Firefighter calendar shoot got some hot under the collar Credit: ITV News Anglia

The calendar was produced by serving firemen to raise money for the benevolent fund. But in November 1995 it was banned by the chief of the neighbouring force in Cambridgeshire for being sexist.

It didn't seem to slow down sales too much though. More than 24,000 were sold in the first year. It became an annual publication and in 2010 the millionth copy was sold.

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More than 24,000 calendars were sold in the first year and greetings cards, T-shirts, posters and additional products were quickly developed.

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