1. ITV Report

National Trust calls for urgent action on coastal erosion

Coastal erosion at Hemsby, Norfolk Credit: ITV Anglia.

The National Trust has released a report saying local authorities need to stop ignoring the risks of flood and erosion at the coast and start managing the long term impact

It says storms and tidal surges and occuring more frequently on our coastline and more buildings are being put at risk

In England in 2005 the number of buildings at medium to high risk from coastal change was 117,000 - by 2014 this had grown to 129,000.

"we need to start doing a little more of the doing and a little less of the talking about it now because we're working with the natural world and climate change is beginning to have an effect that things are moving much more quikcly now. We're seeing storm events more regularly, more tidal surges, so we really need to start to move and move forward."

– Grant Lohoar, National Trust East.

The report called 'Shifting Shores' suggests that some under-threat villages and communities should adopt a 'managed retreat' plan and move inland rather than continue to spend millions on sea defences that may not work.