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Norfolk Police hope shocking images of road traffic collisions will encourage young drivers to stay safe.

Norfolk police will be touring schools and sixth form colleges showing a presentation that pulls no punches in the consequences of road crashes caused by bad driving. They hope the graphic content will hit home with the message that inexperienced drivers can be a danger to other road users and themselves.

Also taking part in the campaign is Hilary Livsey. Her daughter, 19 year old Katja Livsey, a former pupil of Reepham College in Norfolk, died two years ago when she lost control of her car and hit another vehicle.

19 year old Katja Livsey. Credit: Hilary Livsey

"I wouldn't want any other parent to got through what I've been through, losing Katya. It's an unimagineable horror. I've got two of my sons driving at the moment and two younger children as well. It's a complete living nightmare losing a child"

– Hilary Livsey, Katja's mother

More than 400 people are injured or killed in Norfolk every year. Last year there were 33 fatal road traffic collisions resulting in 37 deaths; seven of those who died were under 25.

Police say most RTC's are caused by the fatal four: Speeding, using your mobile while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

About ten per cent of those driving our roads are under 25. But 40 per cent of those killed and seriously injured on our roads are in that age group.