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Ely cathedral launches app

Ely Cathedral Photo: PA

Ely Cathedral is to become the latest Cathedral to launch it's own app - allowing visitors to navigate their way round the 900-year-old site.

The App, which is available for download on most smartphones and tablets, will tell users about the history of the site, provide tour routes and information about the architecture and iconic stained glass windows.

Inside Ely Cathedral Credit: ITV Anglia

The app was funded by The Friends of Ely Cathedral, and spearheaded by York University's Department for Christianity and Culture.

It's the second Cathedral in our region to launch it's own app, following Norwich Cathedral who launched their app in 2014.

Ely Cathedral's iconic stained glass windows Credit: ITV Anglia

In recent years Ely Cathedral has become a popular site for film makers, with a number of big budget Hollywood productions shot inside the ancient building.

The latest featured former Doctor Who actor, Matt Smith, who filmed the Netflix drama "The Crown" in the city.