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Cambridge volunteers head to Calais camps

A team of volunteers from Cambridge are making their first trip of the year to northern France to hand out supplies to migrants and refugees living in camps there.

Volunteers in the Biryani bus in Dunkirk Credit: Cambridge4Calais

About 40 volunteers from the Cambridge Calais Refugee Action Group (CamCRAG) have driven in convoy to camps in Calais and Dunkirk on the coast of northern France, where the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been visiting today.

The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn being shown around the camp at Dunkirk Credit: Cambridge4Calais

The number of people living in camps in northern France is now estimated at more than 3000. The volunteers are delivering food and clothes and helping put up tents. They say they have been overwhelmed with donations and have more trips planned for February and March.

The volunteers are helping put up tents Credit: Cambridge4Calais