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Mother praises paramedics who saved newborn's life

Left to right; Scott Dyer, Dawn Howlett, Sue McCloud, Lucas and William, and Jan Boreham Photo: East of England Ambulance.

The family of a baby who had to be resuscitated when he stopped breathing after being born unexpectedly at home has praised paramedics who saved the newborns life.

Ambulance crews were called to the home of Natalie Pells in Great Bentley, Essex on Wednesday, January 20, after her four-year-old son recognised his mother was in trouble.

The youngster called his Aunt Emma who called the emergency services.

“William was absolutely fantastic; he called me and said that his mummy needed help.”

– Emma, Sister

When crews arrived they realised there would not be time to take Natalie to hospital so delivered the baby there. However, complications arose and the newborn baby Lucas had to be resuscitated before being taken to Colchester Hospital.

Meeting the paramedics for the first time since the birth, Natalie thanked them for saving her child’s life.

“It has been great to meet the crews again and thank them, they do an amazing job and we are very grateful to them.”

“It was a surreal couple of days and was strange to comprehend what had happened but fortunately these guys were on hand to do such an amazing job.”

– Natalie Pells

Scott Dyer, Dawn Howlett, Sue McCloud and Jan Boreham were the team that resuscitated Lucas before taking him to hospital.