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Base jumpers left dangling 60ft in the air after getting stuck on Essex phone mast

The two men got stuck on the phone mast near Halstead. Credit: @EEAST_HART

Two parachutists had to be rescued after they got stuck on a phone mast in Essex.

The pair were left hanging 20m (66ft) up in the air when they got into trouble near Halstead at around 18:00 last night.

Firefighters spent more than an hour trying to get the pair down. Credit: @EEAST_HART

It took firefighters about 80 minutes to get them down.

It's believed the men were 'base jumpers', which is an activity where people jump from fixed structures.

One of the men suffered an ankle injury. Credit: @EEAST_HART

Police were called shortly after 17: 50 with concerns for the safety of a parachutist, who had become entangled in a telecommunications tower in Halstead Road, High Garrett.

A second man was also on the mast assisting him.

Officers, the fire service and the ambulance service attended. Both men were rescued. The first man, a 30-year-old, suffered an ankle injury. He was left in the care of the ambulance service.

– Essex Police spokeswoman