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School children take royal birthday wishes to Sandringham

The children enjoy a royal picnic Photo: Southery Academy

Children from Southery Academy took a trip to Sandringham to deliver their homemade birthday cards to the Queen.

All 75 students enjoyed a tour of the museums and gardens before enjoying a walk through the woodland trail and a picnic fit for a queen.

Each child in the younger classes made their own individual cards, whilst the older students made two giant cards; one for the Queen and one to celebrate Prince Phillip’s 95th birthday.

The children from Southery Academy with their home made cards Credit: Southery Academy

“The children have really enjoyed themselves today. It is important to give them experiences like this and memories for the future. Attending Sandringham during the week of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations will hopefully be a memory for these young
people to cherish."

– Southery Academy Principal Julian Goodrum

The children enjoyed tucking in to a themed picnic of jam tarts and corgi-shaped biscuits before delivering their cards to the visitor centre, to be passed on hopefully to the Queen herself.

Bella, a year five student, said she had only ever visited Sandringham when she was very little. She said: “It was really nice to have a picnic with the whole school in the park.”

Maisie, a year 6 student, said: “It was really interesting to see the cars in the museum and read about the history of Sandringham. I have been here before with my family but it’s been nice to come here with my friends.”

Robbie in year 6 added: “It was cool to see the toys that Prince William and Harry played with when they were little.”

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