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Stansted tenants facing eviction hope for a delayed departure

Manchester Airports Group owners more than 260 homes around Stansted. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

More than 260 families are facing eviction after the owners of Stansted Airport decided to sell their homes.

The properties were bought by BAA as part of proposals to build a second runway at the Essex airport.

But those plans were scrapped back in 2010 following strong opposition and now the new owner of Stansted - Manchester Airport Group (MAG) - has decided to sell.

People living in their homes have been told they can either buy the properties themselves or get out.

The tenants say they have been given very little notice - with some having to find somewhere else to live within just two months.

Rhian Burke's family have lived in their home for more than 20 years.

Rhian Burke has lived in one of MAG's homes for 20 years. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"The pressure we're facing is that if we don't go ahead and buy, we're facing an eviction notice.

"And if we are, are we going to have the same short eviction of two months and what do I do about my children and their schooling?"

– Rhian Burke, MAG tenant.

Mandy Griffiths added: "We only found out about them selling the houses by me Googling and finding the MAG property report."

The 268 houses are spread across several villages including Mole HIll Green, Takeley, Broxted and Duton Hill.

MAG said they included areas where the airport group owns the whole street as well as big secluded houses in the middle of the countryside.

The airport owner insists the tenants always knew their homes were on short-terms lets.

"MAG made clear it had no desire to be a long term residential landlord and would be looking to sell the properties back into private or new ownership.

"MAG fully understands this process may cause some tenants a certain amount of concern and anxiety, and that is of course regrettable ...however it is unavoidable in the circumstances if we are to achieve the wider aim of releasing all properties from airport ownership."

– Manchester Airport Groups spokesman.
Some of MAG's tenants - Dawn Jones, Mandy Griffiths and Susanna Kelly. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Dawn Jones said that did not excuse the lack of information - and said MAG should be more considerate to people who had been living in the houses for many years.

"It's scary. Your first reaction is devastation because it is your home - even though it doesn't belong to you, it is your home."

– Dawn Jones, tenant.

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