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Builders of the new Norwich NDR bypass show off their environmental credentials

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At 12.5 miles long and with a budget of £179 million the Northern Distributor Road is expected to have a major impact on traffic and business access in and around Norwich. It's not without its critics though. The road from Postwick on the A47 to Taverham in the north doesn't link up with the existing southern bypass, forcing traffic back into the city.

Rackheath Primary School pupils on site. Credit: ITV Anglia.

But today children from Rackheath Primary School, near to where the new road will run, were shown how the builders are accommodating wildlife on site.

"For every tree we've taken out we're replacing with five other trees. And that's not counting the woodland we're putting in with the trees. Basically we're planting scrub and putting in a seed mix in to replicate meadows and grassland. A lot of the tree we took out are old plantations, not that great for habitats for different species of animals."

– Tara Hansard, Norfolk County Council
Bat roost house in Rackheath Credit: ITV Anglia.

30,000 trees are being planted 151,000 shrubs 10 barn owl boxes have been constructed 100 other bird boxes for five species 350 Great Crested Newts relocated, plus 450 smooth newts, 860 toads and 90 frogs. 4 new newt ponds, 2 bat roost houses and 81 bat boxes Badger fencing along roads

The NDR should be completed by December 2017